coL.qxc Qualifies for WCS America Challenger League

BY Andrew Miesner / January 12, 2014

by Adnan “Darthozzan” Dervisevic

The 11th of January, 2014 – any old saturday, for most, NFL play-off day for some. However, for one man in particular, it was a day of glory. It was a day in which Kevin Riley, known to most as coL.SB|qxc, was able to put all his hard work and practice to the test and reach the culmination of his efforts. He qualified for the 2014 WCS Season 1 Challenger League as one of the representatives of America. He is one of only 12 to have made it through the American qualifiers, and is joined by other luminaries in the StarCraft scene such as viOLet, MY.Kane, and ROOT.CatZ.

There were three sets of qualifiers with 512 players each. QXC was able to secure his position in the third qualifier. He made it through with strong performances, including 2-0 wins vs Sasquatch, Elhaym, Demonizer, ZergZingZing and hellokitty. He is now set to play in the bracket stage that consists of a 49 player single-elimination bracket. The top 25 players will continue to the Premier League for the season. Up for grabs are $15,000, 1,250 WCS points and the chance to represent your nation in what can be called the World Cup of StarCraft 2.

Kevin “qxc” Riley had this to say:

I’m glad to start the new year off on a good start. I took some time to collect myself toward the end of last year and have already felt significant improvements in my play and outlook. I hope to continue strengthening my play as much as possible in the nearest of futures.

Qualifer Results

coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Hellokitty
Round of 8
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 ZergZingZing
Round of 16
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Demonizer
Round of 32
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Elhaym
Round of 32
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Sasquatch
Round of 32

Replay Pack

QXC’s replay pack from the event is available for download by clicking here.