coL.QXC @ Red Bull Battle Grounds – Archon Playoffs

BY Andrew Miesner / August 30, 2015

compLexity Starcraft’s Kevin “qxc” Riley is in Santa Monica, California for the Red Bull Battle Grounds Archon Mode Playoffs! The six online-qualified duos will join two show match winners to battle LIVE at the Red Bull eSports Studio in Santa Monica this weekend.

These eight teams will begin the Playoffs with three “chances” in the unique Red Bull LIVES format. Competing teams will issue Best-of-Three challenges in qualifier-decided order, where the winning team of every challenge is awarded a bounty for each match won. Losing a match means losing a life; losing all three lives means being eliminated from the competition.

Watch as the best Archon Mode teams from around the world fight their way to the Grand Finals in Washington, DC on September 19th, 2015.




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