coL.qxc vs. dBling – Holiday Show Match

BY Andrew Miesner / July 5, 2012

Tonight compLexity’s qxc will be playing Bling from team Dignitas in the “Holiday Show Match” hosted by Cliff’s Esports Corner & LXG’s NanMan. Kicking off at 8:00pm EST, the best-of-7 series will see the winner take home $50 while the loser get $25.

The format of the showmatch is relatively simple, loser picks next map from map pool and maps may only be used once.

The map pool will consist of:

  • GSL Antiga Shipyard
  • ESV Atlantis Spaceship
  • GSL Daybreak
  • MLG Tal’darim Altar
  • ESV Cloud Kingdom
  • ESV Ohana
  • MLG Shakuras Plateau
  • MLG Entombed Valley

Tune in tonight and cheer on qxc as he looks to defend America’s honor from the British invader Bling.