coL.qxc vs. Dragon HotS Showmatch Tonight

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2013

Tonight, our very own Kevin “qxc” Riley will be taking on the popular streamer Dragon in a Heart of the Swarm showmatch put on by commentator “WhalesFromSpace.” Kicking off at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST, the best-of-7 is sure to be an awesome match considering both players are known for their unique stratgies.

The format is simple. Each player get 1 map veto. After the vetos are in, the initial map will be decided randomly. After the first map, the losing player picks the next map. The map pool consists of:

  • Akilon Wastes
  • Cloud Kingdom LE
  • Daybreak LE
  • Howling Peak
  • Bel’shir Vestige
  • WhirlWind
  • Antiga Shipyard
  • Newkirk City
  • Neo Planet S

Please tune in and cheer for qxc. Let him know you’re rooting for him by sending him a message on Twitter or Facebook. Also, After the showmatch, stick around to see former compLexity player, now ROOTMinigun take on ESC.GoOdy using the same format.