coL.QXC Wins Tte Challenge, Rundown #15, Alienware NA Battlegrounds

BY Andrew Miesner / March 17, 2012

It’s been a busy week for coL.SC2 member Kevin “qxc” Riley. Over the past few days he’s torn up every online tournament he entered. Starting off with the Alienware Arena North American Battlegrounds Championship, qxc managed to take first place defeating strong players like GoSuDDE, GraViTy, and finally MasterCheese in the finals.

After the Alienware Arena, qxc moved on to Cyber Sports Network Rundown #15. There he had to face off against cvgAlexCMoi, NrGMihai, and NMxMaSa. Keeping up the streak, qxc took home another first place finish. Kevin didn’t drop a single map the entire tournament.

To finish off the week, qxc played in today’s TTeSports Challenge. There he met GoSuSTX, Kilos, and finally gosurhythm in the finals. While he couldn’t keep his undefeated streak from the Rundown #15, taking down these three players is triumph enough.

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