coL.Ryan 2nd @ NESC2L Grand Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / April 17, 2011

Update: After advancing all the way to the finals, coL.Ryan lost 1-3 to take 2nd place.  GG’s to everyone!



Today, coL.Ryan will be in Dover, New Hampshire at Galaxy Gaming for the New England SC2 Season 1 Grand Final. The tournament will be 16 man double elimination tournament. Ryan is one of the nine players who qualified throughtout the season. The action is set to get underway at 11AM EST.

Map Pool: Maps are subject to change based on monthly iCCup map pool! 
iCCup Europa 
iCCup Match Point 
iCCup Neo Enigma 
iCCup Pawn Re 
iCCup Braxis Orbital 
iCCup Testbug 
GSL Tal’Darim Altar 

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