coL.Sasquatch vs Team RIP ZeeZ Showmatch

BY Andrew Miesner / October 22, 2012

Tonight coL.Sasquatch will be taking on Team RIP ZeeZ in a showmatch hosted by Samsc2. This will not be your conventional showmatch. Samsc2 has set up a series of challenges to make things interesting.

But before we get into the format of the showmatch, some of you may be wondering who are RIP ZeeZ. RIP ZeeZ is a StarCraft II team that is affiliated with the comedy website They welcome players of all levels, meaning it’s more of a clan than a professional team.

Because of RIP ZeeZ’s clan atmosphere, we thought it would be interesting to add some modifiers to the showmatch. Organized into a series of five challenges. Sasquatch is sure to have his work cut out for him.

Bo3 Standard 1v1 – To open we will have the Rip Zeez Austrialian Protoss player, Zugz take on Sasquatch in a conventional 1v1.

Half Price Platinum! – A zeez Platinum player will be taking on his first professional player, but with this caveat: the coL player known as partSasquatch will be shaved down even further to halfpartSasquatch, as Sasquatch will play this match with 50% health on his units and buildings. Will the Platinum player take the win in his run against Sasquatch, or will will the half man half wildikin still prevail?

Blizzard Approved Map-Hack! – Have you ever thought, man I would be Grand Master Rank 1 easy if I just used a maphack, well now that theory will finally get the test it deserves. A Diamond zeez player will take on Sasquatch… with the best maphacking tools known to man; SamSC2 will add the Diamond player to his cast and then, SamSC2 will not only alert the Diamond of Sasquatch’s every move, every building, every drop, but he’ll even be adding helpful insight, such as ‘build a probe’, ‘build a marine’, “no, No, NO! What are you doing I told you to move your army there!!!!”

Strength in Numbers – Playing a Professional GM by yourself is a bit unfair, so we’ll be taking a Platinum player and adding a Silver partner. Together these two zeez players will attempt to out-cheese, out-macro, and out-smart coL.Sasquatch, hoping to prove that team play is where true skill lies.

Bo3 Standard 1v1 – Finishing it off, we’ll be returning to a “standard” Bo3, if you can call the self proclaimed Son of MVP and Prince of Mech facing a giant partially mythological creature known as Sasquatch ‘Standard’. ZeeZ Ace LemonyTang will be showing off mech play, favoring hellion and tank run by’s to harrow his opponents economy, while maintaining patiently out-positioning his opponent with mech, this will be an interesting ZvT.

The showmatch is set to kick off at 9:00 PM EDT and will be streamed on Samsc2’s channel. With all the hijinks going on in this showmatch, you’re not going to want to miss it.