coL.SC2 in CHEO Invitational

BY Andrew Miesner / September 13, 2014

Over the past few days, coL.SC2 has been competing in the CHEO Invitational, a charity driven tournament which features only top tier StarCraft players from around the world to raise money for the CHEO Foundation

It is hosted by Kerry “Halcyon” Murray as a form of appreciation for the hospital and the people who work there, after his youngest son underwent life saving surgery and therefore spent the first two weeks of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The tournament is played online and will be broadcasted starting at 8pm EST September 12th-13th 2014 during which, donations can be made.

The CHEO Invitational will also act as a launching pad for an ongoing charity drive. Every month, 100% of all donations made towards Halcyon’s stream will be donated to CHEO.


It is an eight player, single elimination tournament.

  • Quarterfinals are a Best-of-three
  • Semi finals are a Best-of-three
  • Finals are a Best-of-five

Map Pool Details

The current 1v1 map pool will be used.

The first map played of each series will be chosen at random, with the loser of the first match choosing the next map. Map choices then alternate between both players regardless of who won or lost.

The same map cannot be chosen twice in the same series.


Kevin “qxc” Riley

coL.qxc 0 VS 2 Apocalypse
Round 2
coL.qxc 2 VS 0 Arium
Round 1

Henry “hendralisk” Zheng

coL.Hendralisk 3 VS 1 Apocalypse
coL.Hendralisk 2 VS 1 Guitarcheese
Round 2
coL.Hendralisk 2 VS 0 puCK
Round 1