coL.SC2 in IvDGaming #80 Invitational

BY Andrew Miesner / February 9, 2013

Today at 4:00 PM EST, two players from coL.SC2 will be participating in IvDGaming #80 Invitational. Kevin “qxc” Riley and Joshua “TriMaster” Niven have both been invited to play in the 32 player tournament. Other  notable players include Quantic’s Apocalyse, Perfect, and HwangSin, as well as Clarity’s Shew.

The total prize pool is $200 USD. The first two rounds will be best-of-three matches, the quarters and semis bo5, and the grand finals bo7.


  • 1st: $100 USD
  • 2nd: $70 USD
  • 3rd: $30 USD