coL.SC2 in the PTSL

BY Andrew Miesner / August 16, 2011

Much of the StarCraft II content that’s popular is focused on the highly competitive 1 vs. 1 scene. Thanks to the PTSL (Prodigy Team Star League), that all changes. This competitive league pits progamers against each other like the other leagues, however there’s an important twist; it’s a 2 vs. 2 league.

So far, the only tournament to feature 2 vs. 2 is the EG Masters Cup, and that is only one game in a best of five. The PTSL is 100% 2 vs. 2 and will feature a $1200 prize pool, 12 Pro 2v2 teams, commentary from Derrick “PsY” Anderson, Michael “Adebisi” Van (coL Academy), Driel Alex “HD” Do and Taylor “PainUser” Parsons. The best part is that the live stream and the VODs will be available in HD for free.

To make this league even more exciting, five members of the coL family are participating. There’s Team Destiny comprised of Destiny and Minigun, The Assassins with CatZ and Drewbie, and GiraffeBears with CrunCher and TriMaster. To see the rest of the teams click here.

The PTSL kicks off on Friday, Sept 2nd at 6:00 PM EST and will run for the rest of the weekend. To watch the action tune into the PTSL stream here.