coL.SC2 welcomes CrunCher!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 27, 2011

In yet another SC2 move for CompLexity Gaming, we would like to announce Abdulaziz ‘CrunCher’ Abed as the newest addition to our CompLexity Starcraft II roster. Abdulaziz is formerly of the Team ONE roster, participating with them in several clan wars over his stay. Despite the fact that he only made his transition from Warcraft 3 to Starcraft II a few months ago he managed to take down the likes of KiWiKaKi and Fenix en route to his victory in the Team Liquid Open #10. CrunCher is also ranked #13 on Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 Top 200 list, playing as the Protoss class.

Here’s a recent interview with CrunCher conducted by Team Liquid: HERE


– 3rd Place 2009 Blizzard’s USA Regionals (WC3)
– 2nd Place 2010 Blizzard’s USA Regionals (WC3)
– Qualified for 2009 WCG USA Regionals (WC3)
– Qualified for 2010 WCG USA Regionals (WC3)
– Winner of Zotac Cup #148 100 Euro Prize (WC3)
– Qualified for Blizzcon 2010 (2nd Place Regional Finish) (WC3)
– Winner, 2009 European Warcraft Regional Final (WC3)
– Winner, TL Open #10 (SC2)

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Abdulaziz ‘CrunCher’ Abed
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