coL.SC2 Welcomes Ryze

BY Andrew Miesner / February 7, 2011

In yet another SC2 move for CompLexity Gaming, we would like to announce Brendon “Ryze” Walker as the newest addition to our CompLexity Starcraft II roster. Walker, a zerg player, from Ontario, Canada has a strong background in SC:Broodwars as a B/B+ 1v1 and A- 2v2 player on iCCup. Since transitioning to SC2 he has managed to stay ranked in the top 200 players list. Currently, he sits at #113 on’s Top 200 list. Ryze has managed to place first in Craft and z33k Cups and has had impressive finishes in Hyper Crew tournaments over the past few months.

coL.sc2 is now:

 Sung “Stalife” Min Park 
 Victor “Antimage” Poon 
 Sam “FireZerg” Prowse 
John “Ganon” Kang 
Ryan “Ryan” Rushia
Julian “rsvp” Xu
Ryan “suggy” Hryczynski
Abdulaziz ‘CrunCher’ Abed
Brendon ‘Ryze’ Walker
        Brett “MrWest” Hoffman (Manager)