coL.SC2 Welcomes Suggy

BY Andrew Miesner / January 14, 2011

In yet another big move for CompLexity Gaming, we would like to announce Ryan “suggy” Hryczynski as the newest addition to our CompLexity Starcraft II roster. Ryan is a Protoss player from Ontario, Canada and is formerly of ROOT gaming. He also made Blizzard’s top 200 list at #20 as well as top 200 in the European ladder.

Suggy is also featured in the videos by Starcraft Connection on Youtube:


coL.sc2 is now:

 Sung “Stalife” Min Park 
 Victor “Antimage” Poon 
 Sam “FireZerg” Prowse 
 John “Ganon” Kang 
 Ryan “Ryan” Rushia
Julian “rsvp” Xu
Ryan “suggy” Hryczynski
          Brett “MrWest” Hoffman (Manager)