coL.Stalife 3rd in VT Open #3

BY Andrew Miesner / January 25, 2011

VT Open #3 is on day two and coL.Stalife has reached the Final four. He will be going up against FXOmOoNan in a best-of-five. The action gets underway at 8:00PM EST and the starting map will be Metalopolis.

In the other semi-final, NrGdde will take on FXOoptikzero. dde is trying to win all three VT Gaming Open’s, as we won event number one and two.

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3rd Place

Score 1 2 OT F
coL.stalife 0 0 3
FXOoptikzero 0 0 2
Time: 11:40PM EST
Map: Metalopolis


Score 1 2 OT F
coL.stalife 0 0 2
FXOmOoNan 0 0 3
Time: 8:00PM EST
Map: Metalopolis