coL.Stalife in National ESL December Final

BY Andrew Miesner / January 11, 2011

Tonight coL.Stalife is back in action in the National ESL December Final. He was able to qualify in the Top 8, which means he gets free entry into the tournament. Anyone else can signup if you are an ESL Premium member.

Each round will be best-of-3, with the finals being a best-of-5. The tournament is set to start at 8:00PM EST.

The tournament will be streamed by FragFortune and you can find the brackets here.

Round 2

Score 1 2 OT F
coL.Stalife 0 0 1
Killer 0 0 2
Time: 9:30PM EST
Map: Jungle Basin


Round 1

Score 1 2 OT F
coL.Stalife 0 0 2
Mass 0 0 0
Time: 8:00PM EST
Replays: Download