coL Stream Team Welcomes Ryzen

BY Andrew Miesner / May 11, 2015

As the Hearthstone community and scene grows constantly, not only the competition is a focus, but also the entertainment. In that aspect, Ryan ‘Ryzen’ Liberian Laguardian is one of the leading entities in the game. High level play paired with high level production are his priority, while also providing an educational, yet fun atmosphere. All these components make him a great fit for any Hearthstone roster, which makes the compLexity Gaming family especially proud to welcome the rising star to our midst.

Ryzen has been on a tear ever since discovering the game. His love for Hearthstone is only matched by his love for broadcasting. As an entertainer and high-level player he quickly made a name in the community. He appeared on the scene as one of the best Rogue player, a bond with Valeera he keeps alive till this day. With him, compLexity Gaming’s Hearthstone roster is now looking at three of the premier Rogue players on the planet, as Ryzen joins superJJ and Dog in SI:coL.

“It seems like yesterday I was busting my ass to get Legend for the first time in Hearthstone with good ‘ol Miracle Rogue.” said compLexity’s newest recruit. “The fact that compLexity is willing to let me be a representative is simply surreal. I am truly grateful and will do everything humanly possible to make a good name for myself and the organization as well.”

“We are incredibly happy to have Ryzen with us. As an avid fan of his stream I know what kind of talents he brings to the table.” Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm, Manager of the Hearthstone squad commented. “We will not only support him in his venture to improve his stream and reach of his broadcast, but also to step into the competitive scene. He might be on the Stream Team for now, but within him burns a flaming desire to go head-to-head with the best HS players on the planet.”

Ryzen’s debut stream with the red-black colors will be today at 5 PM GST / 1 AM CEST. So make sure to tune in, ask him questions and enjoy one of the best streaming experience available in the Hearthstone section of

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