coL.Suggy in GDC Show Match

BY Andrew Miesner / March 2, 2011

PlayPhone has partnered with ROOT Gaming to host five best of 5 showmatches. iNcontroL and Diggity will be live on site to cast every single game.

Our very own coL.Suggy will be taking on LzGaMeR from EG. The match is set to start at 4:15PM EST.

Where: Zeke’s Bar and Grill at 600 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107-1902.


When: Wednesday, March 2nd from 3PM EST until 9 PM EST

Prizes: $150 to the winner of each showmatch! 

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Suggy 0 0 2
EG.LzGaMeR 0 0 1
Map: Metalopolis, Shattered Temple, Shakuras Plat