coL.Tekken @ MLG Orlando

BY Andrew Miesner / April 16, 2010

Both of our Tekken players have landed in Orlando, Florida, the site of the MLG Orlando Pro Circuit. Starting tonight at 7PM EST, North America’s best Tekken players will begin their competition in Round 1 of the 1v1 tournament. Players will be competing for their chance at the $2,500 first place prize. The schedule and prize breakdown can be found below:


1st = $2,500
2nd = $1,500
3rd = $1,000
4th = $700
5th = $500
6th = $350
7th = $250
8th = $200


7PM: 1v1 Round 1
8PM: 1v1 Round 2
9PM: 1v1 Round 3


Update: TheCrow takes 3rd at MLG Orlando.  Mr Naps tied for 5th.

Live Stream


Mr Naps

Round 1 – BYE
Round 3WIN over liquid534
Round 4WIN over Blood-Hawk
Round 5LOSS to Team_Supremacy-Fab

Round 8 WIN over GMfizzle (Lower Bracket)
Round 9LOSS vs Suiken



Round 1 – BYE
Round 2WIN over Juie
Round 3WIN over Slide_
Round 4WIN over Jadey
Round 5LOSS to frsholeman

Round 8 – WIN over ddavil (Lower Bracket)
Round 9WIN vs BR1AN_N1CHOLS (Lower Bracket)

Round 10WIN vs Team_Supremacy-Fa

Round 11WIN vs Suiken

Round 12LOSS vs GMMA_Kor (Lower Finals)