coL.TF2 2011

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2011

The Syndicate is pleased to announce our new Team Fortress 2 roster for 2011.  After enjoying much success during the duration of the squad it was decided that we needed some new faces for the new year in order to continue the championship tradition of coL.TF2.  We’d like to thank the outgoing players and welcome the new stars of the team!


Tyler “TLR” Morgan
Nick “TheFragile” Leon
Justin “justin” White


Randy “blackymonster” Besserman – Medic
Richard “sweater” Klekar – Demoman
Mike “platinum” Miles – Soldier

This makes coL.TF2 for 2011:

Daniel “Carnage” Sturdivant
Carl “enigma” Yangsheng
Kyle “relic” Mims
Randy “blackymonster” Besserman
Richard “sweater” Klekar
Mike “platinum” Miles
Mithun “animeman” Balachadran

Please welcome the new guys to compLexity and wish the best to the ones who are leaving.  Thanks as always for your support.  Stay tuned for lots of exciting TF2 action coming your way!