coL.TF2 Disbands

BY Andrew Miesner / August 11, 2009

Today, the Syndicate regrettably announces the disbandment of Complexity.TF2. We have had the game for two seasons now and have gone through more roster changes than is common with our teams. At the end of last season, three out of the six players decided they wanted to go inactive in order to focus on responsibilities in their personal lives. This left us with the prospect of yet again rebuilding, or stepping away from the game for a while. While the TF2 community has a large player base, the talent pool at the premiere level is shallow at best. We made the decision to step away from the game, rather than build a new squad that does not represent the level of excellence our fans have come to expect.

We would like to thank our former players and wish them the best of luck. To our TF2 fan base, we may be seeing you again in the future.