coL.TF2 ESEA Preview

BY Andrew Miesner / November 18, 2010 has opened their series of ESEA LAN Previews with a look into CompLexity TF2. coL.TF2 faltered last season as they went in to the playoffs as the defending champions, but fell short of their third in a lower bracket loss to Blight.own. The article by ESEANews breaks down “the gameplan” that coL.TF2 will need to use in order to succeed this season.


Just about every player in coL’s starting 6 are known quantities by this point, and though it took them about a half-season to fully adjust to each other as teammates, the comfort and ease at which these guys now play together with speaks volumes to their chemistry and teamwork. coL is very much a two-sided coin, with one half acting as the passive, rock-hard foundation and the other acting like the high-flying, in-your-face aggression that was typical of the previous carnage-led coL – and you can probably guess who falls where.

It actually kind of amazes me that it took this long for TheFragile and relic to hook up as a combo, because they are each perfectly suited to the other’s style of play. relic’s rocket-aim has long since been compared to that of a turret, capable of taking out anything that even remotely threatens his Medic, which makes it that much harder to pull off a successful suicide run and guarantees Fragile’s safety. Fragile repays the favour by his near-perfect positioning, always on the safe side of things but still able to jump in and throw out some save-heals if his other teammates need it.

Guarding Fragile’s back and often playing as secondary-combo is perhaps the one question mark in coL’s otherwise stalwart lineup, their Demo justin. It’s no secret that he’s never going to pull off the big-time frag numbers that come with the likes of b4nny, Kalkin or boomer, but by the same token he also won’t make very many mistakes nor leave his team vulnerable very often. The only real issue for coL is when the shit has hit the proverbial fan and it falls to justin to get Fragile home safely, which is a toss up with some of the talent that is most likely chasing.


The ESEA Season 7 LAN Playoffs and Finals will take place in Dallas, Texas at the Wyndham DFW Airport Hotel from November 19th to the 21st. Stay tuned to CompLexity Gaming as we bring you the latest news from the event!

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