coL.TF2 Instructional Videos

BY Andrew Miesner / May 16, 2010

Recently on our forums, in a post by RikuTheChimp, it was requested that coL.TF2 provide some assistance in helping his team work on their cp_gravelpit offense and defense. Jaeger has decided to take Riku’s request and provide some assistance to the team by reviewing the demo they have provided for all to see.

The video may not only help Riku’s team, but any TF2 players that may need some assistance with their own.

In the second video, Jaeger breaks down the demoman for pedo panda using the demo that he has provided.

Lastly, Jaeger has provided a highly requested tutorial on successful rocket jumping that runs 33 minutes in length and should serve as a one stop shop for any rocket jumping techniques and information.


cp_gravelpit Demo Review

Demoman Demo Review

Rocket Jumping Guide