coL TF2 Storyline

BY Andrew Miesner / January 24, 2011

In an article by Everett “rk-” Wells on, he breaks down the history of CompLexity TF2, from its beginnings as “the original six,” with the former-Pandemic team, to its run as ESEA Champs with Carnage and company.

With the slow fall of the first coL taking up most of 2009, it wasn’t until December that year that carnage and company (the ‘company’ part changed more than a few times in the early going) finally landed themselves with the org, going most of the year under the Pandemic and Loaded flags and building themselves a dynasty (including nabbing the CEVO-P S3, CEVO OCZ and ESEA-Invite Season 4 titles).

Very little changed when the starting 6 of carnage, enigma, glue (and soon after, PYYYOUR), SoLIDSnaKE, relic and Jaeger finally tacked on that coL. tag, with the team heading into the first TF2 LAN Finals of ESEA-Invite Season 5 as the #1 seed and ultimately capturing that title in thrilling fashion.

It was, in retrospect, the peak of this roster, which together had won just about everything in 2009 (except for ESEA-Invite Season 3, thanks to a disqualification), was rewarded with solid backing from one of the best competitive eSports organizations on the continent, and then went on to give that org yet another championship title.


The full article can be found here.