coL.TF2 Wins CEVO Season 5

BY Andrew Miesner / June 16, 2010


Tonight, coL took on Blight in CEVO Season 5 Grand Finals in a bo3. coL and Blight first started off on yukon, keeping up both offensive and defensive positions, the match ended in favor of coL after over an hour of game play.

The second map was played on cp_gravelpit.  Each team was given the opportunity to cap and defend all three points within a specific time period. Both teams played very well but coL did not get the upper hand in map two as they lost on gravelpit. Map two goes to Blight and a third map was expected shortly after.

Map three was played on cp_badlands. coL and Blight both hesitated to cap points for several minutes on round one but coL was able to back cap on Blight and win round one. After a few minutes, coL picked up one another point in the match, as well as Blight. The score was 2-1. Shortly after, coL picked up an addition point in round three and another right after in round four. The score was 4-1 in favor of coL as the first half ended. Within seconds, coL was close to a victory but Blight came back into the match and scored a point. With the second half in play, coL pushed up and capped all the points, winning Season 5 Finals. Good game to Blight.


Tonight, coL.TF2 looks to close out Season 5 of CEVO-Professional on a high note as they take on the Blight Gaming A Team in the Grand Finals. The last time that these two teams faced in both CEVO and in the ESEA regular season, Blight had the upper hand, taking coL.TF2 down 5-3 in both matches on cp_obscure and cp_badlands respectively. The CEVO loss proved to be coL’s only loss throughout the season.

The match tonight is set to be a best of three with the maps yet to be determined. The action is set to begin at 11:30PM EST.


Blight A Team
Maps: cp_yukon, gravelpit, badlands
Status: Complete