coL.TheStC: “I hope HotS becomes successful!”

BY Andrew Miesner / January 25, 2013

Edited by Sebastian Robert Torralba

Choi “TheStC” Yun Sik, the newest member of compLexity’s SC2 squad, took time out of his busy practice schedule to sit down for a quick chat with us. TheStC discusses some of his thoughts on Heart of the Swarm as well as his plans for 2013 and what he hopes to bring to the table as a member of compLexity Gaming.

Welcome to the compLexity family, Choi! For fans that may not know too much about you, how did you first get involved in competitive StarCraft and what is your history?

By the end of 2006, I made it through the Courage tournament and got a license as a semi-pro Brood War player. Then, I joined the KeSPA team, STX SouL. Later, I won first place in PGL in China and played a couple of games in Proleague, but my stats were subpar. Soon after that, I joined the Korean Army and started playing StarCraft II. As a SC2 player, my personal achievements include 3rd-4th at both MLG Summer Championships (Raleigh) and DreamHack Valencia last year as well as making it to GSL Code S twice.

What are your thoughts on the switch to Heart of The Swarm?

I have not played too much HotS yet, but as I watch other players play, Protoss seems to be at an advantage because of the use of the Mothership core. However, Terran also has a new unit: the Widow mine. As a result, mechanic units will play a bigger role than bionic ones, and I feel it will be much more fun to play in the end.


What are you most excited about in 2013?

I hope HotS becomes successful! I look forward to competing in many tournaments and events. I am grateful for this chance to play for compLexity and I want to make sure I make coL proud and show everyone what I can do.

What are your plans for GSL this year?

Last season’s GSL Code A qualifiers overlapped with Lone Star Clash 2 in Austin, Texas so I could not play in them. I am currently madly practicing and getting ready for the upcoming events. I want to make sure I am at my highest level during the upcoming Code A qualifiers. I wish to get into Code A and fight my way to Code S!

What are your thoughts on many of the ESF teams disbanding and losing players?

Many ESF teams are having difficulties looking for sponsors as some people have lost interest in SC2 here in Korea. Also with KeSPA and their teams switching to SC2, a situation like this was bound to happen. Professional gamers tend to go to teams with higher salaries. I hope HotS becomes so successful that the situation with the ESF teams get better in the future.

There was about a minor break from December until very recently. Did you do anything fun or interesting in that time?

In December, after Quantic disbanded I went back to Korea. It was winter so my friends and I went to a ski resort, and I just spent the time resting and enjoying, seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a really long tme. Now that it’s 2013, I’ve started practicing and am working hard again!

Did you know anything about your new teammates before joining?

Yes, I definitely knew of many of them. TriMaster and qxc are both really popular North American Terrans, so sometimes I would tune into their streams and watch them play. I knew that Sasquatch was from the compLexity Academy, and I know that he’s emerging as a really popular Zerg player since then!

What upcoming events will your fans be able to see you at? coL.TheStC

First of all I’m preparing for the GSL Code A qualifiers, and I’m also working hard for the IPL 6 qualifiers. Soon you should be able to see me in the GSL or at an MLG.

Would you ever consider switching from Terran for Heart of the Swarm?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Protoss in HotS, but I’ve stuck with Terran since Brood War and I think I’ll stick with the human race in HotS!

The last words are yours.

I’m very thankful to all the compLexity members and management, especially Jason Lake, Jason Bass and Chris Luong for welcoming me. And thank you so much to all my friends from Quantic and all my fans for supporting me and congratulating me on joining coL.

As for myself, I’m going to work as hard as I can in 2013, and I hope to get great results alongside my teammates. I hope you cheer lots for me. Thank you to all the compLexity sponsors: Sound Blaster, QPAD, PNY, Creative, Origin, G8 and Twitch.