coL.TheStC vs LG-IMRagnaroK – HotS Showmatch

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2013

Tonight at 9:00 PM EST coL.SC2’s newest member, TheStC, will be taking on LG-IM’s RagnaroK in a best-of-7 Heart of the Swarm showmatch hosted by ClarityPrOmise. The winner of the showmatch will be walking away with $100, while the loser will get $25.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with TheStC: “‘Choi Yun Sik’ is a 24 year old Terran player currently playing for compLexity Gaming. Formerly of Quantic Gaming, TheStC was a regular participant of the Global StarCraft League, and has attended numerous offline foreign events with an outstanding finish in the 2012 MLG Summer Championship where he took 2nd place after being defeated by FXOLeenock with a score of 3-4. Very similar to his early dominance in the WoL BETA, TheStC has been playing HotS very actively on the ladder, and continues to impress the community with his very creative builds, and amazing multitasking. Currently in Heart of the Swarm, TheStC holds a 66% win ratio against Zerg.(31-16)”

RagnaroK, on the other hand, is: “one of the youngest (16yrs old), and most talented players from Korea. It is very easy to say that someone is “talented”, or “has potential”, but having watched many streamers play against RagnaroK, it is easy to see that his decision making in game is top notch, and having that go hand in hand with the Zerg race makes him even more impressive. RagnaroK might not have a rediculous amount of experience playing in booths, or attending many tournaments, but he has participated many times in the GSL Code A qualifiers, played in the GSTL for his former team TSL, and was a weekly participant of the “Esports Weekly Match”. Currently in Heart of the Swarm, RagnaroK holds a 58% win ratio against Terran.(60-44)”

As mentioned above, this showmatch is a best-of-7. Each player will get 1 map veto. The first map will be chosen randomly then following maps picked by the player who lost the previous map. The map pool for tonight’s showmatch includes:
Daybreak LE
Cloud Kingdom LE
Akilon Wastes
Antiga Shipyard
Newkirk City
GSL Icarus
Howling Peak
*KeSPA Neo Planet S

To watch the showmatch tune into PrOmise’s channel at 9:00PM EST.

While you’re at it, be sure to send some words of encouragement to TheStC via Twitter; also go ahead and Like his Facebook page!