coL Welcomes x6.WoW

BY Andrew Miesner / January 6, 2010

Today, The Syndicate is pleased to announce that we have acquired the #1 American World of Warcraft squad from 2009: Check Six (previously known as eMg). Throughout last year the squad proved itself to be at the very top of the international WoW scene, and we are proud to announce them as “compLexity Black.”  Our current squad will be known as “compLexity Red.”  Both will be attending the MLG Finals in Orlando this coming weekend. 

coL.Black’s tournament record has been quite impressive overall:

4th – Blizzard American Regionals (Twixz)
2nd – MLG Columbus
1st – MLG Dallas
3rd – MLG Anaheim
1st – IEM American Championship finals (ESL Edmonton)

Moreover they have been the highest rated Beast-Cleave on the Blizzard live servers since they invented this comp themselves in Dallas. With these placements, they were not only able to qualify for the MLG Finals in Orlando this weekend, but they were also granted a spot in the IEM World finals in March at Cebit.  

Please introduce yourself and your team to the radicoL’s.

Twixz: WHATSUP RADICOLS!!!!! I am Twixz and my team consists of myself, Flexx, and Toez. We are looking foward to the upcomming year and getting to know you guys! We really hope to make it exciting to watch!

Your team is the newest addition to our WoW roster and I think we can rightfully claim that nobody expected this. Can you tell us what happened and why you decided to go with compLexity?

Twixz: Well it was a suprise to everyone I think. check6 was amazing to us and we are very thankful and respectful for everything they have done for us. CompLexity gave us an offer we couldn‘t refuse, though, and in the end we had to make a decision to do whats best for us. We are excited about it and can’t wait to get started.

This will be your first event under the coL tag. Three other quality (including our very own coL Red) teams will be attending MLG Orlando, which is the finals of this MLG Season. You are yet again a favorite to win it all. Do you agree with this prediction and which team can stop you from taking home yet another tournament win?

Twixz: I‘ll keep this one short; We are excited to play under our new tag and we will win.

Welcome the new compLexity squad here!


*Image courtesy of ESL