coL.WoW 4th @ MLG Columbus

BY Andrew Miesner / June 5, 2009

Today kicks off the World of Warcraft matches at the MLG Columbus event. The matches don’t go live until 7PM EST. You can view the match schedule for all of tonights matches here. The live stream for all matches will start roughly at 6PM EST. Our boys kick off their first match tonight at 7PM. If you are at the event be sure to look out for us with our new G8Brand clothing. “Game with Passion”, you can’t miss us! You can follow the WoW team’s progress with the melee’s below.

Live Stream
Day 1 Gallery

Day 2 Gallery

Gotfrag compLexity vs. Fnatic Preview

Video: coL.WoW Pre-Tournament Interview
Video: coL.WoW @ Columbus Day 2
Video: coL.WoW vs Gravitas
coL.WoW Pre-Pandemic Interview
Video: coL.WoW vs EG
Video: coL.WoW vs Pandemic

coL.WoW Lower Bracket

< Ensidia (1-3)

coL.WoW Upper Bracket

< SK (1-3)

coL.WoW Round Robin

> fnatic (3-0)
< eMg (0-3)
< Ensidia (1-3)
> SK (3-2)
Gravitas (3-0)
EG (3-1)
> Pandemic (3-1)

Stay tuned for galleries, blogs, videos and more LIVE from the event!

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