coLCatZ and coLDrewbie win PTSL!

BY Andrew Miesner / June 26, 2011

Place a win in the books for CompLexity.SC2 as coLCatz and coLDrewbie pick up a win in the 2v2 team league PTSL! After a long tournament they finally won in the grand finals 4-1 against dSeleCt and FXOptiKZeRo. Despite the numbers showing dominance on their part, there were some scary moments, as in the last game they lost their backdoor and nearly got completely overrun before making turning the game around. I might also add that CatZ was playing protoss.

We spoke to CatZ after their big win and got some of his thoughts on the tournament:


We felt confident throughout the entire tournament. Although, contrary to popular belief, we actualyl haven’t played 2v2 almost at all since beta. We only play for official tournaments and clan wars. We’ve only played like 5 games on ladder, and that was just off-racing for fun. However, we did feel confident as we had only lost one entire series since the beta in clan wars, and that was just a proxy build getting the best of us in a BO1.

We had already beaten dSeleCt and FXOptiKZeRo earlier in the tournament, and they were as we saw it our toughest opponents. We didn’t know what to expect from Protech and Power, as we had never played them before. But they had more 2v2’s played together than every team in the tournament combined pretty much, so we were a bit worried about that. Axslav/Strifecro were also old 2v2ers from WC3 who did really well in beta, but ever since them we were confident against them as well, we beat them in the last couple of clan wars that we had. We also got a 3-0 win against them in the WB finals, so we weren’t too worried about that.

We understand 2v2 very well, and we work very well with each other since we were allies in Brood War for a long, long time. 2v2 is a completely different game to 1v1, it requires a different game understanding; but of course, 1v1 mechanics help a lot too. As we started to play SC2 seriously we focused on 1v1, so our mechanics improved greatly but our game knowledge and team work stayed about the same, which makes us sort of scary in 2v2. We are very proud of our accomplishment and we are glad to bring CompLexity another league win 😉


Congratulations to CatZ and Drewbie on their big win! If you’d like to know more about the tournament  all information can be found here.