#coLDota Update

BY Andrew Miesner / May 27, 2018

In our 15 year history we have been the home of some of the most legendary players in esports history. Over time, many players leave, but in our case, many of them return as well. It’s our pleasure to introduce two returning members to the active Dota 2 roster, as Adam “Adam” Shah and David “Moonmeander” Tan link up with Zfreek, Moo and Limmp for the final push towards The International 8.

For Moon it’s the return to his roots. Moon was an instrumental part of the fairytale story that was our run at The International 5 back in 2015, after which he chose to part ways to pursue a venture which became Team OG. Throughout his competitive history, Moon has always remained close with the organization through friendships established during his time here.

The second man to return, this time as a player, is Adam “Adam” Shah, who served as a coach for the squad prior to The International 7. Adam’s leadership and tactical prowess in Dota 2 make him the perfect fit to fill that void left after the removal of long time captain Kyle Freedman. The Malaysian strategist and former Fnatic player/coach looks to be the final puzzle piece for the team, putting the team on track for The International.

With Adam and Moon joining the team, some roles will be shuffled around as well. While Adam will simply take over the 5 position that was vacant, Moon will take over the offlane role, prompting yet another return – Moo to carry. In previous iterations, Moo has played the 1 position in compLexity and once more it is time for him to take control from the safe lane.

Sadly, with new arrivals come sad goodbyes, as we have to announce the departure of Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin from the Dota 2 roster. He is now a free agent and immediately available for other competitive opportunities. Just like Moon, Chessie has been a part of this organization multiple times, dating all the way back to HoN in 2012 when Chessie played alongside teammate MoonMeander at the infamous HoN Tour Las Vegas event.

“It’s been a pretty crazy year with compLexity! A lot of things have happened since I joined after TI. We’ve had a super packed schedule with a lot of travels all year and pretty much haven’t had any time off, and on top of that we moved out of our team house in Florida and relocated to new facilities in Texas.

As much as it sucks to leave all of this behind, at the end of the day we didn’t get the results we had hoped for and the team felt these changes were necessary to increase the chances to qualify for TI which I respect. This is a business and your livelihood, and to stay on top sometimes you need to make tough decisions. No hard feelings at all, it is what it is. I will definitely keep playing Dota. I feel good about my skill level and will be looking for a new team with new adventures as soon as possible.

Big thanks to Jason Lake, Beef, Josh and my teammates for the good times. compLexity is without a doubt one of the absolute best organizations in the business and I am very grateful to have been a part of it on and off for the last few years!”

– Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin

We thank Rasmus for his time spent here and for the great memories, as well as the best of luck in the future!


The New #coLDota

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