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BY Andrew Miesner / January 8, 2009

Over the years, The Syndicate has revolutionized how eSports organizations deliver entertainment content to their fans.  First was compLexiTV, our YouTube based video project.  That was followed up by compLexity Insider and then by compLexiTV-Live.

In keeping with that spirit we are happy to once again announce a project we feel will keep us at the forefront of gaming entertainment:  The compLexiTV Network or CTN.

We call this new project a “network” because it is our goal to create a stable lineup of live online streaming shows for your enjoyment.  Each week, on designated nights, you will be able to tune in to watch the best in gaming television.  Join Marcus “DJ Wheat” Graham, Adande “Swoozie” Thorne, Mike “Kirsch” Kirschbaum and more to enjoy a cutting edge lineup of gaming shows on a regular basis.  Over time we will be bringing on more personalities to fill our schedule and will be adding match and event coverage complete with the best shoutcasters in the business.  CTN is being managed by long time Syndicate member Gabe “Sony” Pinto and his staff.  Here are the founding stars of the network:


LO3 with Marcus “DJ Wheat” Graham

The infamous DJ Wheat has generously offered to join our crew to bring you his one of a kind, cutting edge, no b.s. talk show.  Marcus strongly feels that gaming fans worldwide deserve a weekly show and is set to deliver one that’ll keep the forums buzzing.





The Swoozie Show

Fan favorite and overall global playboy Adande “Swoozie” Thorne is ready to deliver his famous brand of gaming style via his vlogs.  We’ll be debuting his weekly vlogs live.





coLcast with Kirsch

compLexity fans have been screaming for a return of coLcast, the show originally done via streaming radio and later done on compLexiTV and DJ Kirsch has heard your cries for video love.  Tune in each week for music, talk, interviews, guest stars and overall hilarity as the king of compLexity radio takes you into his pleasure palace at the University of Wisconsin.







In addition, as we develop CTN we’ll be adding new features including The V Spot (visiting guest hosts), match shoutcasting, event casting and much more.


Please note:  If the Ustream player plays a second of sound each time you hit the homepage, click the mute button (the tiny speaker image) and you won’t have that issue any longer.

Thanks as always for your support!


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