compLexity 2009 Press Release

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2009

For Immediate Release:

Complexity Gaming Announces Management Team and 2009 Roster

Houston, TX – January 16, 2009– It is with great excitement and pleasure that Complexity is able to make our 2009 plans known to the public.  2008 was a difficult year for the Complexity organization but 2009 is shaping up to be potentially the best year ever in long history of The Syndicate.  Original owner and CEO, Jason Lake, decided that 2009 was a year to do things differently and he started from the top down.  For far too long competitive gaming has been a cut throat business where cooperation between organizations on all levels was not something that was done on a regular basis.  Competition was the king of this business.  Complexity believes that the only way for this business to succeed is for all eSports organizations to begin to pool their resources and work together and this is a principle the new Complexity will exude on a daily basis.  This ideal is what has driven the new management team of Complexity into formation.  The new management team is as follows: Jason Lake will continue as owner and CEO of the company.  He will manage the day to day operations of the website and overall strategic direction and vision of the company.  Lake has brought on long term friends and colleagues Jason Bass and Alex Conroy as owners of the company and as COO and CDO respectively.  Conroy will run the organization’s gaming ventures and development while Bass will oversee the business aspects for the group.

“I believe the strength of a person’s character can often be measured by looking at his friends.  I’m very fortunate to have such loyal and talented men willing to step up and take compLexity to the next level.  It is not our intention to merely survive, it is our intention to thrive and continually redefine eSports.”

The names Jason Lake and Alex Conroy are very familiar names in the competitive gaming world.  The name Jason Bass is probably less familiar to most.  Jason Bass has been in the competitive gaming industry since about the beginning of its inception.  He was originally a player and quickly moved into a management role at GotFrag in the early days of GotFrag.  Over the years at GotFrag he was rapidly promoted until ultimately he took over as VP of Operations and ran the day to day operations of GotFrag until the MLG acquisition.  Shortly before MLG acquired GotFrag, Mr. Bass left and went over to the Championship Gaming Series as the Director of Online.  In this role for the CGS he worked on establishing all of the web presence that CGS ultimately had.  This included the CGS website, team sites, streaming video, Pro-Am and pretty much anything else that the CGS ever did on the web.  After one year with the CGS Jason decided it was time to step back out of eSports and go back to his prior career as a marketing executive in the oil and gas industry.  Even though he left on a full time basis he never really left eSports.  He started in a marketing role with CEVO working for Charlie Plitt.  For the last year he has been helping CEVO on a consulting basis until today where he steps in as COO of Complexity.  As COO, Mr. Bass will be responsible for all operational concerns within the company. Jason Bass had this to say:

“I can not express how much this opportunity excites me.  Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that it has always been my dream to manage a team and today that dream becomes a reality.  To be able to do this with two of my best friends in gaming is just an added bonus that will make this experience all that much more memorable.  I believe the potential of this organization under this management team is endless and I will work tirelessly to make this best gaming brand this industry has ever seen.”

The addition of Alex Conroy signifies something that has not been done very regularly in competitive gaming and that is the merger of two prominent brands.  We are pleased to announce that Jax Money Crew will be merging with Complexity Gaming under the Complexity brand.  Alex will come to Complexity as owner and Chief Development Officer.  He will bring his years of experience in managing teams and handling sponsor relationships to the company.  Alex will be in charge of all player and team related matters within the organization. He was the youngest professional manager in E-Sports when he founded his team and has continued to provide a fresh perspective on an emerging industry. His unique brand of energy and his dynamic personality, both in business and in life, make him a valuable addition to the organization. Jax Money Crew will be bringing all of the talent that Mr. Conroy has put together over the past couple of months. 

“I am thrilled to be a part of what I feel is the future of North American E-Sports. Complexity has been a leading brand in North America for years and has weathered the storms of a fickle gaming scene. While running JMC was some of the best memories of my life, I am very excited to be working with friends and colleagues that I respect and who share a vision of advancing this little thing we call E-Sports.”

In yet a further sign of building an organization based on unity and talent Complexity is bringing on Josh “Dominator” Sievers as our Executive Assistant.  Mr. Sievers will assist our management on all team matters and will serve as a mentor to the Complexity players.  Josh brings almost ten years of experience as a professional Counter-Strike player and his knowledge and input will be invaluable to the development of a premiere unit of professional gamers.

The 2009 Complexity Gaming Roster is as follows:

Counter-Strike 1.6

Michael “Method” So
Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo
Erik “da bears” Stromberg
Justin “Sunman” Summy
David “zid” Chin


Yfran “Eafra” Garcia
Bardia “Barmoa” Moayedi

2009 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for Complexity and we look forward to sharing that with all the fans that have made this brand what it is today.  We thank you for your continued support and hope that you will stay tuned for many exciting announcements in the weeks to come.

Finally we want to announce our new global sponsor in Creative.  Their support will fuel the Complexity engine and allow us to do amazing things in 2009.  We also want to thank our other sponsors for their continued support.  NationVoice, Electrify Servers and IMG without whose support none of this would be possible.  Finally a giant thank you goes out to all of the JMC and Complexity fans.  Your loyalty is what keeps all of us at Complexity going.