compLexity Academy ESEA Update

BY Andrew Miesner / December 6, 2011

Over the past few weeks the compLexity Academy has had it’s ups and downs in the ESEA Open StarCraft II League. After losing their first three games, the coL Academy managed to net their first win vs. Area51 Gaming. After that our boys went on to beat MachoMen, Art of eXecution Gaming, Impressive Play and Vector Gaming. The only loss the coL Academy has since beating Area51 Gaming is versus KEYD TEAM.

Currently sitting at 5-4-0 the compLexity Academy is still very much in the running to make the playoffs. With three games left, there’s a very good chance that the Academy will end up 8-4-0. It will be a rough road however. Our boys still need to take on Starcraft II Association, Relentless Heroes Gaming and LaGTT Gaming. If our players can stay focused, keep training and play smart like they have been there is a good shot they will take the next four games.

Keep on the look out for more updates on the compLexity Academy. Now that the season is winding down and the playoffs are coming up, each game is that much more important, especially considering we are hovering around 8-10 place.