compLexity Academy Launched

BY Andrew Miesner / May 25, 2011

compLexity Academy Launched

compLexity Gaming launches a new StarCraft 2 academy aimed at recognizing and developing undiscovered talent

compLexity Gaming is happy to announce the launch of our newest StarCraft 2 initiative: The compLexity Academy (“CA”).

The compLexity Academy is a program that will feature 10 up and coming StarCraft 2 players as they develop their skills in an attempt to become true professional gamers.  The members will compete for LAN travel, prizes and coveted pro contracts.  They also will need to fight to maintain their status in the academy during Expulsion Tournaments.

For the role of Commissioner we have retained the services of Michael “Twixz” Shane, eSports leader and former compLexity.Black star.  Mr. Shane will handle all facets of the academy.

1)  To identify and support potential future stars of StarCraft 2 by providing them with the gear, training partners and travel opportunities needed to elevate them to professional status

2) To foster an environment necessary to ensure the continued growth and development of the professional StarCraft 2 eSports scene in North America

1) The compLexity Academy (“CA”) will be founded with 10 members Masters level and above. 

2) Each applicant will create a (NASL type) YouTube blog answering a list of questions that will be submitted to CA.  20 will be chosen by Mr. Shane and his staff to compete in a double elimination best-of-3 bracket until the 10 founding members are determined.

3) Each CA member will execute a 9 month option contract with compLexity Gaming.  If said option is exercised, the member will be given a full pro gamer contract and a new gaming computer from ORIGIN PC.

4) CA members will each receive a SoundBlaster headset and compLexity Mousepad

5) One month before each MLG LAN event, CA will hold a Qualifying Tournament from which the Top 2 players will be given airfare and hotel to the next MLG event.  (In addition, the winning member of each Qualifying Tournament will receive a PNY video card.)

1) An internal ranking system will be implemented.  The initial ranking will be determined by a Ranking Tournament amongst the players.  Every 3 months the bottom 4 players in CA will compete in our Expulsion Tournament with only the winner remaining in CA.  The other 3 spots will be filled via an Open Recruitment Tournament (2 spots) and by an invite from Mr. Shane (1 spot).

2) If a player is given a professional contract, his spot will be filled during the next CA Open Recruitment Tournament

3) Every two weeks a randomly seeded Ranking Tournament will be held to determine member ranks.  The seedings for the Qualifying Tournaments will be based off this ranking.

All interested North American residents 18+ years old and Masters level+ are eligible to apply.  (We may expand the academy to more regions later this year.)  Here is how:

1) Make a YouTube video application video (similar to the NASL application videos) that answers these questions and upload it to

2) Submit the link to your video along with a link proving your SC2 ladder status in this thread, either via Facebook or our website posting on or before June 8, 2011.  (Save the video file you upload as the Top 20 will submit their videos for placement on the CA YouTube channel.)

** Contracted gamers are not eligible for CA


Soon we will be releasing a dedicated CA website that will contain all academy news, updated member ranks, latest YouTube videos, and tournament schedules.  Best of luck to all the applicants and thanks very much for everyone’s support!