compLexity Academy MLG Raleigh Qualifier

BY Andrew Miesner / August 6, 2011

Last month, a terran by the name of Lizzuma won the last compLexity Academy tournament and only lost one game in the final versus Gensulitor. Both members attended MLG Anaheim and they did very well in the open bracket. The open bracket is extremely difficult, but it is great experience for our up and coming professional gamers.

This is compLexity Academy’s qualification tournament for MLG Raleigh and is set to begin on August 11th at 7 pm EST. The winner from this tournament will receive an all expenses paid trip to go play at MLG Raleigh. The format of this tournament is double elimination and best of 3 for each game. 

Seed Determination:
Seeding is determined by the points gained from the initiation tournament. Future tournaments for the Academy will use the same format, so accumulating points will be important for all players. The points are given out on an opposite placing x2 scale. So, if you get 1st place you would get 10×2 = 20 points and if you get 10th place you would get 1×2= 2 points.


Player list and Seedings

1)   Lizzuma
2)   Gensulitor
3)   Goswser
4)   Brobocop
5)   Cheec[h]
6)   Strength
7)   Lagragian
8)   Damncats
9)    Fallen

Starting Map:
The starting map will be determined by veto’s. The lower seed veto’s first so the higher seed will get to choose between the last two maps. After the first map is played, all other maps will be playable for each game after and there will be ONE veto per player. Example- Lizzuma wins map one and then he will get to ban 1 map and his opponent can pick from all other maps except the one played and the one veto’d. Lets say his opponent then wins, now his opponent will ban 1 map and then Lizzuma can pick from the rest except from the ones played and banned.



Map Pool:
MLG Dual Sight
MLG Metalopolis
MLG Shakuras Plateau
MLG Shattered Temple
MLG Tal’Darim Altar
MLG Testbug
MLG Xel’Naga Caverns

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