CompLexity Academy Qualification Group B

BY Andrew Miesner / June 25, 2011

CompLexity Academy Quali. Group B

by Nathan Zamora

With compLexity Academy’s first Qualification Tournament coming up this Saturday, June 25th, SC2 players have some high pressure matches to look forward to!  20 players have been randomly placed into four pools – within those pools, each player will play the others, and the player with the worst record will be eliminated.  In this segment, we’ll be looking at Pool B:


The first thing to note is the balance of races.  This means that a well rounded player could have the advantage!  Remember, for a player to advance, they need to only -not- have the worst record within the pool.  In other words, a player versed against a plethora of styles stands to stay in the tournament.  Given that, I believe Cheec[h] could bring home the glory in this round – an all around style that yields results good enough to have him ranked #1 in Masters (Division Hellion Iota).

Personally, I’m looking forward to the TvT matchup (Cheec[h] vs Jedigamer).  The ever evolving meta of TvT allows players to be more aggressive in the early harassing or to sit back and hope to build the mid/late advantage.

Though it remains to be seen!  Who will advance; who will go home?  Will Catechin, the Lone Zerg, do his race proud?  Will Jhammy, Jiyan, and the Warp Gate crew Psionic Storm through Terran forces?  Can Cheec[h] and Jedigamer contain opposing forces and march an army of gladiators to heights unseen?  There’s only one way to know – this Saturday at 5PM! (est)
Who do you think will win?  

Post in the comments to root for your player in this pool!