CompLexity Academy Qualification Group D

BY Andrew Miesner / June 22, 2011

On June 25th CompLexity Gaming will be hosting its first ever Academy Tournament. The tournament will consist of twenty aspiring professional Starcraft II players playing for only ten spots in CompLexity’s Academy. Each pool has been randomly determined, and at the end of group play the player with the worst record will be eliminated.

Group D consists of one grandmaster and four masters level players. There are two terran, two zerg and a protoss player making for a well rounded pool of players. 

Pool D


From the top, Goswser is a top level master’s zerg. One notable tournament he has played in is the TACTIC3D tournament where he lost to FXOSheth  2-1. He just recently played in MLG Columbus and made it to the second round losing to mouzMorroW in the winner’s bracket, sending him down to the losers bracket to face off against ROOTDestiny. He ended up losing to destiny 2-1 and being eliminated from MLG Columbus.

The second player on the list is a terran grandmaster by the name of opticalRH. He is the only grandmaster of the whole bunch and will look to show off his unique style in the tournament. In his application video he stated that he enjoys creating his own builds, which makes him a unique player. His opponents can try to study his builds, but they will not know what he is going to be throwing at them.

The only protoss player in Pool D is Fallen. Fallen is a top level master protoss who claims his best match up is protoss versus protoss. This could be an issue for him as there are no other protoss in his group. 



He also says his worst matchup is protoss versus zerg and he will be meeting up with two zerg. Fallen is going to have a difficult path ahead of him to make it into the CompLexity Academy, but he says he plays in total 50 hours a week which is quite enough time to get into tip top shape for the tournament and prepare for the zerg players.

HPthegreat is a master level zerg player who has participated in four total LAN tournaments for Starcrat II. All four of the tournaments were for the New England Starcraft II League. He finished first in the very first one that he participated in and top 3 in the next two. In his video he states that his hobbys are, “Starcraft, Starcraft, … and Starcraft.” He is an aspiring zerg player who seems to have the hunger to progress in the Starcraft II professional scene and is going to be a threat in Group D.

The final player to round out the group is a terran master by the name of Railgun. He proved his potential by playing a top 200 master terran (before grandmaster was around) by practicing his terran versus terran, which he said was his worst match up, for weeks and actually coming out with the victory. He participated in the TACTIC3D Pro/Am tournament where he was eliminated one round before the end of the amateur bracket by RevShadow. He is an extremely hard-working terran who if he sets his mind to it with preparation can prove to be a force in this group.

This is an extremely strong pool which could have some long series and a hard fight all the way to the end. Every player in Group D is hungry for one of the ten spots in the Academy and we will see them prove that on June 25th. The other pools and more information about the tournament can be found here.

Best of luck to the players and be sure to tune in!