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BY Andrew Miesner / March 13, 2012

compLexity Academy Expulsion List and Recruitment Tournament

The compLexity Academy is a program that features ten up and coming StarCraft II players as they develop their skills in an attempt to become true professional gamers. The members will compete for LAN travel, prizes and coveted pro contracts. They also will need to fight to maintain their status in the academy during Expulsion Tournaments.

For the role of Commissioner Michael “Twixz” Shane, eSports leader and former compLexity.Black star will be returning for a third season. Mr. Shane handles all facets of the academy.




1) To identify and support potential future stars of StarCraft 2 by providing them with the gear, training partners and travel opportunities needed to elevate them to professional status

2) To foster an environment necessary to ensure the continued growth and development of the professional StarCraft 2 eSports scene in North America.


Continuing Format

1) An internal ranking system will be implemented. The initial ranking will be determined by a Ranking Tournament amongst the players. Every 3 months the bottom 4 players in CA will compete in our Expulsion Tournament with only the winner remaining in CA. The other 3 spots will be filled via an Open Recruitment Tournament (3 spots) and by an invite from Mr. Shane (1 spot).

2) If a player is given a professional contract, his spot will be filled during the next CA Open Recruitment Tournament.

3) One month before each MLG LAN event, CA will hold a Qualifying Tournament from which the Top 1-2 players will be given airfare and hotel to the next MLG event. 

Over the past few months the compLexity Academy has hosted four academy MLG tournaments and a tournament to get into the academy. We have given ten players the opportunity to become professional Starcraft 2 players. A few of them took it and ran with it, while others fell towards the bottom.

The Current Standings are as follows:

The tournament will be taking place on Saturday April 14th at Noon EST. The requirements to participate in the tournaments is one must be 18 years of age or older, reside in North America and at least have a masters level account in Starcraft 2. The format of the tournament is a best of three, single elimination. The top four finishers in the tournament will receive a spot in the academy.

In addition to the tournament, one player will be hand-picked by none other than the compLexity Academy commissioner, Michael “Twixz” Shane based soley on the application process. Participants are welcome to play in the tournament and send in an application in an effort to increase their chance of being recruited.

The five players who are selected will receive a compLexity QPAD Mousepad and a Creative Headset. They will also sign a 9 month option contract. If said option is exercised, the member will be given a full pro gamer contract and a new gaming computer from ORIGIN PC.

Academy member Goswser, who has since been signed on to the main compLexity roster, spoke about his experience with the Academy:

I joined The Academy in August 2011 following MLG Columbus. Later I qualified in one of The Academy tournaments to be sent to represent The coL Academy at MLG Orlando, where I competed in the open bracket. The event was amazing! While there I met the team and compLexity management, and found that everyone was friendly and supportive. It was a very positive experience because everyone on compLexity is awesome! I would definitely recommend The Academy to any aspiring players who want to take their play to the next level.

Academy member NoCreativity had this to say about his experience with the Academy: 

My name is Eric/Nocreativity, and I’ll be going to my second MLG event  thanks to the compLexity Academy. The free travel to the MLG events is an amazing opportunity, but aside from the trip you also gain excellent practice partners and friends plus an environment to evolve into a better player.

How to Apply


To sign up head over to

Applications can be emailed to Academy Commissioner Michael “Twixz” Shane at: [email protected]

Best of luck to all competitors, and be sure to check out the sub-site of the compLexity Academy is officially LIVE. Here you’ll find up to the minute rankings of the top 10, as well as the latest news, forum threads, blogs and information about the compLexity Academy. To visit the sub-site, click here.