compLexity Academy Recruitment

BY Andrew Miesner / November 27, 2012

It’s that time again. The compLexity Academy has opened up enrollment and is looking to add four up and coming North American StarCraft II players to add to its ranks. Two players will be picked up from a recruitment tournament scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 22nd. The tournament will follow the standard best of three, single elimination format. The map pool will consist of:

  • MLG Antiga Shipyard
  • MLG ESV Cloud Kingdom
  • MLG Daybreak
  • MLG Entombed Valley
  • MLG Metropolis
  • MLG Ohana
  • MLG Tal’Darim Altar

The other two players will be chosen by Academy commissioner Michael “Twixz” Shane based on their application videos. Your application video should consists of a short introduction followed by answers to the follow questions:

  • Introduce yourself, if you already applied before has anything changed since your last application?
  • What are your thoughts on Heart of the Swarm?
  • What is your strongest matchup, do you have a matchup you are currently struggling with?
  • How did you get into Starcraft2, what drew you into and what has kept you playing?
  • Have you thought about your New Years resolution for this year? If so what are you concidering (in game or out of game resolutions).
  • Feel free to add anything else (twitter, facebook, acheivements, ladder information, etc…)

Applications can be emailed to Academy Commissioner Michael “Twixz” Shane at: [email protected]. Please make sure that your applications are in by December 14th. Any submissions after the 14th will be disregarded.

If you are accepted into The Academy there are several perks. Aside from training with a highly motivated team, The Academy will also provide you with a Creative Sound Blaster headset as well as a mousepad from QPAD. You will also have the opportunity to win trips to MLG events, play in Academy sanctioned events (showmatches), and have the opportunity to stay at the compLexity Gamma Gamers House in Houston, Texas. Please note, however, you must be 18 years of age or older, be in masters league or above, and reside in North America to apply

1) An internal ranking system will be implemented. The initial ranking will be determined by a Ranking Tournament amongst the players. Every 3 months the bottom 4 players in The Academy will compete in our Expulsion Tournament with only the winner remaining in The Academy. The other 3 spots will be filled via an Open Recruitment Tournament (2 spots) and by an invite from Mr. Shane (1 spot).
2) If a player is given a professional contract, his spot will be filled during the next Academy Open Recruitment Tournament.
3) One month before each MLG LAN event, The Academy will hold a Qualifying Tournament from which the top 1-2 players will be given airfare and hotel to the next MLG event.

1) To identify and support potential future stars of StarCraft 2 by providing them with the gear, training partners and travel opportunities needed to elevate them to professional status
2) To foster an environment necessary to ensure the continued growth and development of the professional StarCraft 2 eSports scene in North America.