compLexity Academy vs Binary

BY Andrew Miesner / September 2, 2011

Yesterday, the compLexity academy took on Team Binary in the StarCraft League North America. It was their first debut in a team league and they played extremely well. The rosters are as follows:

compLexity Academy
1.   Lizzuma
2.   Gensulitor
3.   Goswser
4.   Cheec[h]
5.   Brobocop
6.   Lagragian
7.   Strength
8.   Fallen
9.   Damncats

Team Binary
1.   Paradise
2.   Risk
3.   Tora_Bora
4.   Candide
5.   Fan
6.   Forbes
7.   Superman
8.   amonkey
9.   sooch

In the first match,  Strength from the compLexity academy duked it out against  Revenge.  He took down Revenge with ease and moved on to his next opponent from Binary. Strength was next faced up against  amonkey. He ended up taking down amonkey as well, going 2-0 in his first team league debut. Strength going 2-0 is huge because he currently resides towards the bottom of the rankings of the compLexity Academy. Although beating players in the team league does not earn you points, it will help boost his confidence and prove his worth to the Academy.

 Lizzuma was the next member from the compLexity academy called up to play. His opponent first opponent was none other than  sooch. Lizzuma could be considered the Academy’s ace. He has won every in-house tournament convincingly. He has particpated in three MLG’s now: Colombus, Anaheim, and Raleigh most recently. He is an all around solid player, with excellent macro. Lizzuma was able to win his first game versus sooch and moved on to face  Paradise. This is, unfortunately, where the Academy dropped its first game as Paradise defeated Lizzuma. 

At this point the Academy was up 3-1, in a comfortable position. Next up for the Academy was a player who had also attended MLG Anaheim,  Brobocop. Brobocop played extremely solid in Anaheim. For the Academy, he is currently ranked number five out of nine. Brobocop faced the player his teammate just lost to,  Paradise. This time the storyline was different as Brobocop defeated Paradise soundly and the Academy moved on to win their first match in the SCLNA.

Next week, the compLexity Academy will be taking on Team SC in the SCLNA. Stay tuned for the results!