compLexity Acquires NoobFlicks

BY Andrew Miesner / January 8, 2009

As we previously mentioned, when designing our next generation eSports entertainment site we were adamant about having a high quality streaming video format.  The Syndicate has always been a global leader in video production, whether it be feature films like compLexity: Redemption and compLexity: Armageddon or video blogs, COTW’s and Jake & Nails Do America.  We’re fully aware the coL Community enjoys video (some more than text articles) and are committed to providing you the best in the business.

After doing a substantial amount of research about potential streaming options we could employ, our management team came to the unanimous conclusion that was the best option we could acquire for streaming gaming videos.

Daniel ‘tfg’ Frome has prepared a message for NoobFlicks fans:

Dear NoobFlicks visitors;

I will keep this short, but I feel the need to say a few things regarding NoobFlicks, and the changes that are coming in the future:   

A long time ago I dreamed about creating a video portal where I and other filmmakers could share our collective works, but it was impossible.  I vividly recall talking to numerous Internet ad agencies trying to explain to them the concept of a user-generated video site; they thought I was crazy (this was pre-YouTube and virtually any video site). Fast forward several years, and my team has proven that we could compete with the biggest multi-billion dollar organizations by creating our very own video portal that even exceed them in certain areas.  It’s far from perfect, but it stands as a true test that the most important factor is always determination above all else.   

But as with anything in life: it’s about timing – and my time to lead NoobFlicks is coming to an end.  The last few years have been incredibly good to me as my career in Film and Television has continued growing.  Simply put, I no longer have the time and resources to keep NoobFlicks growing and evolving like it has in the past 2 years (I’m sure you can all appreciate the vast server resources a site like this takes, never  mind the time).  At first I was simply planning to close the website, thinking that it would hold no value in this slumping economy.  The good news is that thanks to complexity Gaming that’s not going to happen.  I want to thank the entire eSports and machinima community who has supported me over the years.  Much success and happiness to you all.  

Daniel Frome

We’re honored our friend has trusted us enough to sell us his “online baby” and we promise to take good care of it.  Soon we’ll fully integrate the property into v4 and allow NoobFlicks to serve your streaming needs for years to come.



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