compLexity acquires ROOT Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / June 11, 2011

Today compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce that we have acquired ROOT Gaming and the majority of the roster.  For quite some time we have been pursuing this extremely talented group of gamers.  Recently we were able to come to an agreement and we are very confident this is a large step in our journey towards greatness in StarCraft 2.

Please welcome to the compLexity family:

Edward Chang – Manager

Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra  (Read his statement here.)
Andrew “drewbie” Moysey
Chad “Minigun” Jones
Steven “Destiny” Bonnell II
Jung Ho “DdoRo” Moon

As many of the ROOT faithful will notice, Kiwikaki and Slush chose not to make the move.  We assure you that both compLexity and ROOT management made all possible efforts to keep the squad together.  In the end they decided to pursue another opportunity and we wish them the best of luck.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this addition,” said Jason Lake, CEO of compLexity Gaming.  “Building a championship division takes time, patience and the right combination of players and management.  The intangibles this group possesses and the passion with which it engages StarCraft 2 will definitely get us that much closer to being a top global contender.  We’re not done building our SC2 division, but this was a big leap forward.”

Edward Chang, Managing Director of ROOT Gaming had this to say: “We are very excited to join forces with compLexity Gaming.  They’ve been a huge name for many years in many different fields, and I’ve personally known Jason for a long time.  Joining up will help bolster the coL.SC2 roster and allow our players to focus on becoming the best in North America.  We tried what we could to keep the team intact, and we wish Paul and Jo the best in their gaming careers.  For all of the ROOT fans, please stick with us through this transition and cheer on compLexity!” 

We’re very excited to welcome the large ROOT fan base to the coL Community.  We encourage you to interact with the team via the website, our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  We are open to your suggestions and want to make you feel at home.  Our motive is not to diminish the unique spirit of ROOT Gaming that made you a fan in the first place.  Our sincere goal is to provide the support necessary to enable the squad to achieve greater heights than ever before.  With your backing we are confident amazing things are ahead.  We respectfully request your support and hope you will join us.

Welcome the guys here!


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