compLexity Adds 5 to coL.SC2

BY Andrew Miesner / January 31, 2014

On behalf of the compLexity Gaming family, we would like to welcome five new players to our Starcraft II roster! The additions will allow us to strengthen our team as we prepare for the upcoming team leagues.

Jason Bass had this to say:

We are proud to continue our support of up and coming North American talent in Starcraft 2. Join me in welcoming them to our family.

Henry “drunkenboi” Luu

Henry is a Canadian Terran player, formerly of Deimos Esports and FXOpen. He has qualified for and competed in such events as the WCS NA Challenger League and Shoutcraft America.

Brandon “KoMA” Spinosa

Like Henry, Brandon is also a Canadian Terran player, formerly of Deimos Esports. Brandon is a 17 year old gamer who made two tournament splashes starting in June, 2012. He placed first in the WCS Playhem Qualifier #3 and third in the Playhem Daily #275. Next, he made it to the WCS Canada Nationals in August, making it to the Round of 16 before elimination by dde.

Michael “Moosegills” Wolff

Michael is an American Zerg player formerly playing for FXOpen. He resides in Wisconsin and currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he plays for their Collegiate Starleague Team. Michael is currently ranked #26 on the Aligulac North American Top 100.

Samuel “Midday” He

Samuel “Midday” He is a Canadian/Chinese Grandmaster Zerg, and is a graduate of the compLexity Gaming Academy. He is a consistent top contender in Canadian tournaments and LANs, and has been featured on CTV’s Gamer’s Den.

Martin “DeathEnD” Roberge

Martin is a Canadian Protoss player who is also being promoted from the compLexity Academy. He is currently ranked #98 out of 200 on SC2Ranks for North America.


Once again, we’d like to welcome all of the new players to our roster and offer our congratulations to our two promoted Academy players!