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BY Andrew Miesner / June 20, 2009

Today The Syndicate would like to announce a roster change in our world famous Counter-Strike division.  2009 has been, and continues to be, a rebuilding year for our organization in many ways.  However, despite the hurdles we are committed to delivering a world caliber squad to the coL Community.  #1 in North America is not the goal.  Creating an American representative that can compete on the international scene remains the mission.  In order to accomplish this, we are determined to find the right mixture of dedication, hunger, work ethic and skill.


With that being said, today we announce the acquisition of a player we feel has these qualities and is poised to take his career to the next level.  Welcome Scott “Evolution” Cavallero to compLexity Gaming.  Scott has paid his dues playing with such teams as Frag Dominant, EG, MoB and Winout.  We believe his raw skill, passion and desire make him the perfect 5th for coL.cs.  He will be taking the place of David “saviOr” Park who has decided to move home and commit more time to his family.  For the time being he will remain on the roster as our backup player.  David is a great person and player and we wish him the very best.

Alex “JaX” Conroy, CDO of compLexity Gaming, had this to say:

“I am very excited to see the immediate impact Scott’s skill will have on this team. The squad is #1 in the country right now and Scott’s ability will only further that margin of success. His past experience with Ryan, in which he proved he was capable of handling all international challengers, was an integral part of this decision. Beyond that, his passion for winning is exactly what we look for in Complexity. Scott, like all of us here, does not settle for second best. We would also like to wish David the best of luck as he focuses his attention on things outside of CS for the time being. He is a great guy and will remain a good friend to the team, as well as on our roster for the time being.”


Evolution will be moving into the team’s bootcamp house on Sunday and coL.cs will begin the difficult process of transforming itself into a top global team.  Stay tuned for plenty of coverage including videos, blogs and interviews.


Thanks as always for your support.  YOU are the reason we refuse to settle for 2nd best and it’s our pledge to do what it takes to keep coL.cs at the top.




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