compLexity Adds FIFA; Welcomes AA9Skillz & Joksan

BY Andrew Miesner / March 2, 2019

Roaring crowds. Booming chants. Unbelievable passion. Soccer is the biggest sport around the globe, bringing joy to millions year in and year out.  FIFA, is not far behind the traditional sports counterpart. Every year, the new release sells tens millions of copies worldwide, making it one of the biggest gaming titles of all time

At compLexity we’re all about the passion for gaming and competition – elements that FIFA embodies perfectly. Today, we are very proud to announce our venture onto the pitch. We’re pleased to welcome “AA9Skillz” and Joksan “Joksan” Redona as founding pillars of #coLFIFA.

For Skillz, the journey to this moment started many years ago. The content creator and competitor isn’t just on the grind in FIFA Ultimate Team, but also on YouTube and Twitch. His daily FIFA videos entertain hundreds of thousands of fans, pulling sick cards and sick shots. Skillz manages to walk the tightrope of placing in the top 100 in weekend league, while still keeping his content fun and fresh. Whether he’s working with the budget teams his fans provide, or playing a mega team, the grind never stops and the grind certainly never gets boring with AA9Skillz.

While Skillz has recently pulled out multiple 30-0 Weekend League performances, Joksan is already at the top of the FIFA 19 competitive scene. The young American from Southern California rose to prominence at the end of FIFA 18 and cemented his status in FIFA 19 by bringing home a trophy to the North American turf from Europe. As the PS4 Champion of FUT Champions Cup Bucharest and the winner of the PS4 Continental Cup he quickly made a name for himself in the emerging scene. Since then he added multiple 30-0 performances in Weekend League, and qualified to two more FUT Champions Cups. His first trip for compLexity Gaming will bring him all the way to Singapore, challenging the best players in the world on a new patch and in a new kit.

So bring out your soccer scarf and practice your chants – we’re ready to take the scene by storm. With Joksan in Singapore and Skillz coming at you 7 days a week we’ll be bringing you a ton of FIFA action.  Give our new members a warm #coLFamilia welcome via their social media below!