compLexity Adds Heroes of Newerth

BY Andrew Miesner / May 18, 2015

Through the years we’ve seen games come and go. Some burn hot, but fizzle quickly, while others enjoy steady growth over a long life. Still others yet enjoy a healthy competitive scene, not always in the limelight, but always striving for the very best. It is games like these where we as an eSports organization find perhaps the most dedicated and passionate players. Those that we would be proud to call members of the compLexity Family. Today marks our return to a game where we find that passion, that dedication, and the drive to compete. Welcome back, compLexity Gaming Heroes of Newerth.

This is our third venture into the Heroes of Newerth scene, following a successful 2011 squad around legendary players like Tarano and sLiCKz and a championship squad in 2013-14 featuring dominant MOBA superstars PPD/Franzzii, Chessie, and MoonMeander. Following in this tradition, we’ve been careful in our roster selection, looking for players that not only have the drive and talent to be the very best, but also ones that can bring pride to both the Black and Red compLexity banner and the Red, White, and Blue. We’re proud to announce our new Heroes of Newerth roster, the team formerly known as Nullstone Gaming.

America’s best HoN team features players with a long track record in the game, boasting a total of nearly 30 years of combined experience. While the team known as Nullstone Gaming did not form until last year’s HoN Tour Season 3, the player’s individual competitive experience led them to make a podium finish in HoN’s European dominated major league. Since then, the guys from Nullstone Gaming have looked solid in the recent HoN offseason, with a 6-0 record in their DeadEye Bounty League group and a qualification for the upcoming tournament at DreamHack Summer 2015.

“It’s no secret that I have a passion for HoN. The game is where I got my start in eSports, and my love for HoN eSports is larger now than it may have ever been before.”, remarked Kyle ‘Beef’ Bautista, General Manager of compLexity Gaming. “ With HoN once again on the upswing with a successful World Finals, offseason, and the upcoming events of DreamHack Summer and HoN Tour Season 4, we’re excited to be supporting America’s hope on the international front. We at compLexity look forward to cheering them on in their upcoming appearances, and spamming Twitch chat with ‘USA, USA, USA’!”.

“We’re all super excited to team up with the compLexity organization in their return back to HoN.”, said Chris ‘BeaverBanger’ Landwehr, Captain of coL.HoN, while the team’s drafter and strategist, Chris ‘WhaT_YoU_GoT’ Benas followed up with, “It’s without hesitation that we take a big step forward by joining compLexity Gaming and head toward Sweden to compete in our first ever LAN event.”


The new Black and Red squad will debut under the coL banner during Thursday’s DeadEye Bounty League match against the World Champion Bad Monkey Gaming squad, all while preparing to travel across the pond to Jönköping, Sweden, for HoN’s highly anticipated return to DreamHack. Once again, welcome back, coL.HoN!

compLexity Heroes of Newerth

  • Chris ‘BeaverBanger’ Landwehr
  • Chris ‘WhaT_YoU_GoT’ Benas
  • Noah ‘FuzzySloth’ Landon
  • Oscar ‘Oscah’ Chávez
  • Keven ‘Babaganoush’ Krajewski