Complexity Adds Valorant

BY Andrew Miesner / July 17, 2020

Today we are proud to launch a new division of Complexity – Valorant! Ever since the game was announced last year, the eyes of the gaming world were pinned on the FPS shooter made by League of Legends creators Riot Gaming. Throughout beta and launch, we’ve taken the time to evaluate the space and scout talent in order to make our introduction into the game. We are excited to have found this talent in Frisco, Xp3, ohai, C0M and AGM!

With an interesting mix of hungry youngsters and experienced veterans, we are excited to embark on the journey into Valorant and make our mark in the new esports title. The first chance to watch the team play will be the PAX Arena Invitational as a part of the Riot Ignition Series to kick off the competitive scene!


Make sure to follow the new members of coL.Valorant on Twitter and Twitch and cheer them on in upcoming events!