compLexity CS 1.6 GUI 2009

BY Andrew Miesner / March 5, 2009

The Syndicate is happy to announce that we have produced a new Counter-Strike 1.6 GUI for the coL Community.  The compLexity CS 1.6 GUI 2009 is revamped from previous versions and ready for the next year of CS action!

We think you’ll really enjoy this version.  Bossi (with art help from Jdubya) has produced a feature filled program:

– compLexity background image
– New color scheme
– A coL icon for all ingame windows
– New images for “viewdemo” to fit the installed GUI
– coL spraylogo
– Net Graph Toggle
– Scoreboard with FPS
– Demo Record Toggle
– Multi Screenshot
– Spectator Cam Toggle
– Fast Forward Demo Toggle
– CT Pistol Round Setup
– Common Rifle Setup
– Common Sniper Setup




coL GUI 2009 Widescreen 1680x1050coL GUI 2009 SpraylogocoL GUI 2009 Netgraph toggle usage ingamecoL GUI 2009 Netgraph toggle setup
coL GUI 2009 Scoreboard with FPScoL GUI 2009 Message of the day local servercoL GUI 2009 Console and Menu Hover EffectcoL GUI 2009 Options Keyboard TabcoL GUI 2009 Main Menu


Thanks to Bossi and Jdubya for our new GUI and thanks for your support!


You can download the file HERE!