compLexity CS:GO 2015

BY Andrew Miesner / August 24, 2015

Today everyone at compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce that we are making our return to the game that gave birth to our organization 12 years ago. “The Syndicate” is returning to Counter-Strike!

“We couldn’t be happier to be back in CS:GO,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO of compLexity Gaming.  “Our love for the franchise is what lead to compLexity’s formation and we’re humbled and honored to be a part of the game once again.  We’re also very excited to announce our new roster and eager to tackle the challenges ahead.  Everyone involved understands that the division will be a work in progress, but developing talent and building champions are areas in which we excel.  With the return of Matt “Warden” Dickens to the compLexity family, expectations are high.  Dedication, passion, time and patience will lead to big trophies.  Bank on it.”

Meet compLexity CSGO

“We cannot properly express our excitement for this opportunity to represent compLexity,” said Soham “Valens” Chowdhury.  “From the storied beginning as a Counter-Strike organization to the now multi-gaming powerhouse that is coL, this gaming family has nurtured some of the best talent. We are humbled by coL’s past success and are hungry to live up to the expectations of coL fans.  With all the necessary tools at our disposal, it is a matter of time before the all too familiar success comes back to coL.cs.  Shoutout to Jason Lake and Jason Bass for believing in us and making it possible for us to live out our passion.  I speak for everybody on the team when I say it’s good to be home.”

Thank you as always for your support.  We sincerely appreciate it and will be working harder than ever to earn it.