compLexity CSGO Launches for 2016

BY Andrew Miesner / February 5, 2016

Beginning on 2/10/16, coL.cs returns for another year of CS:GO.  The squad will be playing Team Liquid for ESL Pro League in a double header at 8PM EST.

In what will most certainly become the most competitive year in American Counter-Strike history, we have assembled a roster we feel is unique and full of potential. Danny “Roca” Gustaferri and Josh “Sancz” Ballenger are returning from the 2015 lineup. As previously announced, legendary compLexity superstar Danny “fRoD” Montaner is making his return to competitive gaming as our primary AWPer. Additionally, in an announcement that should come as no surprise, we have imported Rory “dephh” Jackson from the UK and recruited Josh “Shinobi” Abastado to be in-game leader.

Please welcome:

 Rory “dephh” Jackson
 Josh “Shinobi” Abastado

Dephh was identified by our players as an amazing talent and asked to try out with the team. Despite the high pings, everyone in coL.cs became convinced he has the skills, mindset, work ethic and attitude we are looking for. He has been moved to Texas so he can begin properly training with the squad. Shinobi is no stranger to the U.S. professional scene. He was most recently seen as the in-game leader for Denial, and has been spending long hours preparing with our coach Matt “Warden” Dickens for the upcoming year. We’re confident his continued growth will lead him to become one of the top callers in America.

Everyone in the organization is very excited to tackle the challenges, opportunities and very busy schedule ahead. 



Thanks as always for your support. Some of you have been loyal fans for over a decade and we sincerely appreciate it and hope you continue to cheer for The Syndicate!

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